26. März 2018

logo.pngRED NOSE DAY at the AEG

Class 6d did a Red Nose Day Project to bring Red Nose Day to the AEG. It was on Wednesday, 21st March and Friday, 23rd March, 2018. On these two days, we sold cake and food and much more. It was in the Aula and outside. We had posters all over the school to tell everyone about our activities. We sold red noses that you can wear and we had tin throwing, there you could win a muffin voucher or a football. It really was much fun!

Red Nose Day is a charity event from Great Britain where people wear red noses and do funny things to raise money. Lenny Henry started Comic Relief and the event in 1988.

All in all, we earned 335,80€ and we're going to donate the money to Rote Nasen - Clowns im Krankenhaus and WWF so we can help ill children and animals in need.

Thank you to all students and teachers who bought something and took part in our activities!

Yours, 6d
(report written by Matea, Lena, Annika, Mariella and Melissa from class 6d)

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